Pre-paid and pre-arranged funerals, Swan Hill

Funeral directors Mark and Raelene O’Halloran of Swan Hill & District Funerals offer pre-arranged and pre-paid funerals to Swan Hill and district, together with all other aspects of funeral arrangements such as the ceremonies and memories that accompany funeral services.

Mark and Raelene are aware there are many reasons why you may consider pre-paying or pre-arranging your funeral and here they explain the differences between more popular options available.

Pre-arranged funerals

As individuals or couples, we’ve been through the good times and the difficult times and not everything has gone the way we hoped or planned. However, with our Swan Hill pre-arranged funerals, you can be sure you are in complete control of the decisions and arrangements for your funeral. Working with you in a clear and decisive manner, we’ll ensure your pre-arranged funeral is precisely as you would like it to be. One can take comfort in knowing that Swan Hill & District Funerals is the longest-serving funeral director and families have the confidence and trust that the O’Hallorans are able to provide professional advice and care.

Pre-paid funerals

A pre-paid funeral plan involves organising all funeral arrangements, recording and paying one lump sum or by instalments in advance. The money for a prepaid funeral goes into a government-approved bond with a funeral friendly society.

When the time comes, everything will be taken care of by the O’Halloran family as has been agreed. Our Swan Hill pre-paid funerals offer protection against increasing costs associated with funeral expenses, thereby alleviating a possible financial burden on your family.

Some funeral bonds offer additional services, which protects against the possibility if one should die away from home. Through a once only premium a travel care plan extends the benefit by covering for transportation and related expenses. One can feel assured that neither the family nor the estate will be burdened with the financial costs of transfer in the event of death far away from home.

Some funeral bonds offer the possibility of making regular contributions under a savings plan over a period of time to pre-pay funeral expenses.

Funeral insurance

There has been much discussion in the media regarding funeral insurance and our concern is this information might be misleading. Please talk to our Swan Hill funeral directors before making a commitment to take out funeral insurance.

Funeral bonds

With a funeral bond you only pay for your funeral once, at today’s prices. However with funeral insurance you may pay for your funeral many times over!

As part our pre-paid and pre-arranged funerals for Swan Hill, we encourage clients to complete our Your Goodbye funeral planning documents, providing a Personal Profile in which they can detail the highlights and other important aspects of their life.

For information on pre-arranged or pre-paid funerals in Swan Hill and district please contact Mark and Raelene O’Halloran of Swan Hill & District Funerals on 5032 1011.